Few attacks are spontaneous and are inexorably preceded by preparation . Surveillance operations are typically conducted as a matter of private investigation. Our activities are discrete, professional and prompt. The purpose of surveillance is to obtain video, still photos and/or audio on a given subject in order to provide the client with the evidence they seek whether or not it is insurance, infidelity or fraud.
At the end of each assignment you will receive a copy of relevant footage or audio as well as a written report by the surveillance tech containing the relevant information.
Counter-surveillance exists to prevent and expose surveillance efforts by unwanted parties.  The most potent method of counter-surveillance lies with the subject being surveilled. As part of our program we educate you, your employees and your staff on how to identify and mitigate unwanted spying. Our counter surveillance measures will decrease your likelihood of becoming a victim.



Today’s Executive Protection professionals must possess, in addition to hard skills such as self-defense and tactical ability, above average intelligence, emotional maturity, dedication and flexibility.


TSR Associates’ Investigations Division is comprised of four different units. Each unit is led by investigators with extensive experience investigating cases within their purview.


Our language professionals can provide full translation services including transcription, interpretation, interview, interrogation or legal proceedings