Threat Assessment

The ultimate goal of the threat assessment is to let you live a normal life, free from the stress of the unknown. The threat assessment is the most critical aspect of any security program. It is used to identify and manage any potential safety concerns that may arise. Whether it is used as part of a larger initiative or as a standalone measure, the threat assessment is crucial.
With all programs a comprehensive evaluation is conducted. The assessment can vary in scope from the very broad, such as a general overview of crime in your area, to a specific issue, such as a stalker. Our threat assessment specialists come from a variety of backgrounds including both civil and federal law enforcement, military and private industry. Each assessment is tailored to your situation. Following the completion of the assessment we deliver a set of recommendations and a plan of action to mitigate any threats or vulnerabilities that we’ve identified.



Today’s Executive Protection professionals must possess, in addition to hard skills such as self-defense and tactical ability, above average intelligence, emotional maturity, dedication and flexibility.


TSR Associates’ Investigations Division is comprised of four different units. Each unit is led by investigators with extensive experience investigating cases within their purview. Let us help you solidify your case.


Our language professionals can provide full translation services including transcription, interpretation, interview, interrogation or legal proceedings from Mandarin Chinese to English